Important Way of When to Build Niche Site with Keyword Research

When built the right way, siloed sites cannot perform with sites over time, but Niche sites fifty-page have their advantages. One advantage of Niche sites with keyword research over select sites is this they are faster to build while a siloed site may have 90 to 150 or more pages and this site may only have between 35 to 50 pages instead of building a 150 page siloed site, you might as well build three to five sites all in different niches.  Why Niche Site is Important So instead of building a 150-page site about matrices, you would build five thirty-five to fifty-page sites about matrices, outdoor furniture, Christmas toys, exercise equipment, and LCD TVs. Depending on which one of these five perform better. You can build a siloed site in that Niche suppose of the five sites the site on LCD TVs performs the best you could then choose to build a siloed site about LCD, TVs.  Many people choose to build Niche sites because they use black hat methods if a site does get by Google they wil

Worked Examples Seasonality and Trends Idea



We will know how to use Google Trends to try to get an idea of the demand patterns that exist for any niche. This is simply the best way to understand how the demand for products in a niche varies over a year. You need to go to Google Trends.


Seasonality and Trends Idea

We will know what kind of demand pattern you'd expect. If you were building a site selling golf balls, you need to type golf balls into the text box at the top of the screen. 


While looking up information on Trends on any topic, you want to make sure you select the United States from the drop-down. 


The US market your affiliate sites will most likely be targeting. What you now see is historical demand over the past ten years or so? While the graph does not tell you how many searches per month, the phrase golf balls get. It does show you the trends, and the demand seems to be going down with time. We will discuss why this may be so later. But right now, let's look at what the market was in 2015. 

The number of searches per month are on the y-axis, which is vertical.  And time is on the x-axis, which is horizontal. You would want to note that the number of searches per month is not displayed here. You will need to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to get to know that. You will get to that part later. We'll stick with Google Trends now. 


You can see the demand reaches its peak in summer. And then also during the winter months.  Before picking again in December And then false peopling. Until the next summer.

Seasonality and Trends Idea for Callaway Golf Balls

This is kind of what you would expect. Now let's try to see what the pattern is like for Callaway golf balls, a trendy brand of golf balls. You can see the demand pattern is virtually identical to what we found for the niche golf balls. 

If you want to build a site about golfballs; you would expect to make more sales in the summer months around June and July. 


Things would fall during the winter months. Sales would rise again during December, which in this period here. You could also be sure of one thing your site will be making sales all around the year. There is no discontinuity or break in the graph. 

Seasonality and Trends Idea for Nike golf balls

So golf balls sell all year round, but the demand is more in the summer months and during December, so sales will be maximum during these three or four months of the year. But you will have sales all year long you can see the same is true for Nike golf balls


Let's now check what the graph looks like for golf clubs. You can see the pattern is very similar to golf balls. The demand is maximum during the summer months.  And much lower rest of the year. You would want to note that the demand for golf clubs does not reach a peak in December. It seems very low in December. I do not know anything about golf. If you see the niche inside out, you would be able to tell why this occurs now. Let's take a look at something entirely different from the raincoat. Let's see what the pattern looked like in 2015. As you can see, demand exists throughout the year. It peaks early September and early October and stays high for the rest of the year. 

On the other hand, diamond rings, the demands hits a high in mid-February, which is around Valentine's Day, and then fall so, but it increases again during late November and early December. For gold certificates, the demand is high over the year. 

Suppose you had an affiliate site selling gold certificates or something related to Gold certifications. You could expect to see a steady income of sales throughout the year. 

Now. Let's look at the kitchen faucet. The demand for kitchen faucets is more or less constant for the entire year, but come December, the demand shoots up and stays that way till early January. 

Likewise, the demand for kitchen islands. It is constant for the entire year and then increases very significantly during late December and early January. You can see the graph is almost vertical during late December. The pattern is similar for kitchen ninths. The only difference is demand starts increasing significantly in late November and stays high for the rest of the year. 

For hair dryer, I do not know why this is, so the only case I have is this beer in late November and early December; people are so caught up in preparing for Christmas. They're booking are tickets, buying presents, and all that, and they have no time to think about dying their hair. 


But when it's time to meet the relatives, they rush to buy hair drier, which is why the demand increases or significantly just before Christmas. This might or might not be exact, but that is the only explanation I can think of.

It starts increasing in March news-times during April Colleges have those exams, and most people have no time to think about bathing suits on vacations. The demand reaches its maximum in the summer months. And then Falls steeply in winter is here, and no one is interested in wearing bikinis at the beach now. Now, let's take a look at the screenshot for prom dresses. Demand is high during January to April. 


For bathing suits, On-demand falls deeply after that. It's very low for the rest of the year and starts Rising again during late December. Suppose you had a site selling prom dresses that made a thousand dollars a month in April. You would be lucky if it earned $200 in June. 

Many people build sites that generate revenues only for a few weeks in a year. All I'm saying is this should not be a surprise for you. If you are And then it's like this a niche that is seasonal. You should do so while fully aware that your size will generate revenues only for a few weeks or months during the year. It should not come as a surprise to you if you have taken the time to study the demand patterns before you build the site. You will know what the graph looks like and what you can expect. There will be no surprises; you'll be fully aware. 


By now, you should have a pretty good understanding of why you need to check it is seasonal in this article. We will take a close look at another essential thing to check Regional interest.



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