Important Way of When to Build Niche Site with Keyword Research

When built the right way, siloed sites cannot perform with sites over time, but Niche sites fifty-page have their advantages. One advantage of Niche sites with keyword research over select sites is this they are faster to build while a siloed site may have 90 to 150 or more pages and this site may only have between 35 to 50 pages instead of building a 150 page siloed site, you might as well build three to five sites all in different niches.  Why Niche Site is Important So instead of building a 150-page site about matrices, you would build five thirty-five to fifty-page sites about matrices, outdoor furniture, Christmas toys, exercise equipment, and LCD TVs. Depending on which one of these five perform better. You can build a siloed site in that Niche suppose of the five sites the site on LCD TVs performs the best you could then choose to build a siloed site about LCD, TVs.  Many people choose to build Niche sites because they use black hat methods if a site does get by Google they wil

Focus On Google For Affiliate Site Is So Famous, But Why?

The vast majority of your affiliate site traffic and revenue will come from, the other two search engines Bing and Yahoo. Have a minimal share of the search market and does not matter much. Google has Lion's Share of the search Market for more than seventy percent. Ranking in the top three of Google can bring you many traffic and revenues. The same cannot be said of Bing and Yahoo. 

Besides, we are not going after a niche with lots of traffic like more than 10,000 searches a month. Suppose your site is to get a significant amount of traffic from Bing and Yahoo. You will have to Target a niche that reaches more than 10,000 searches a month and run. Those in the top three, But targeting such high traffic keywords, will usually require using black hat methods, which we are not discussing earlier very few. We managed to rank for those kinds of phrases without using black hat methods can be dangerous to do like Google, and other search engines are cracking down heavily on such techniques. We are interested in building websites that earn money every month and do not ever get penalized by search engines, and that requires your website to be made purely with white hat methods. 

Focus on Google for Affiliate Site

That said, even if you target shallow competition by your keywords that get like 100 to 300 searches a month and ranked in the top three for those in Google, you can end up making the right amount of money every month. Each page that ranks in the top three in Google can make at least 20 to 100 dollars or more every month. To get to 1000 to 1500 dollars a month. You may need around 50 to 100 such pages. Remove the guesswork for choosing topics for your website from today and use the original wey to make your affiliate site relevant to rank easily. 
Sites with this way targeting very low competition by your keywords and using only white hat methods can survive all kinds of search engine updates and earn revenues like clockwork month after month all from Google traffic alone. Know why should you focus on google. And that's why we focus solely on Google and not the other search engines.


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