Important Way of When to Build Niche Site with Keyword Research

When built the right way, siloed sites cannot perform with sites over time, but Niche sites fifty-page have their advantages. One advantage of Niche sites with keyword research over select sites is this they are faster to build while a siloed site may have 90 to 150 or more pages and this site may only have between 35 to 50 pages instead of building a 150 page siloed site, you might as well build three to five sites all in different niches. 

Why Niche Site is Important

So instead of building a 150-page site about matrices, you would build five thirty-five to fifty-page sites about matrices, outdoor furniture, Christmas toys, exercise equipment, and LCD TVs. Depending on which one of these five perform better. You can build a siloed site in that Niche suppose of the five sites the site on LCD TVs performs the best you could then choose to build a siloed site about LCD, TVs. 

Many people choose to build Niche sites because they use black hat methods if a site does get by Google they will not lose much. But if they use black hat methods on a siloed site and the site gets hit they will stand to lose a lot as siloed sites tend to be much bigger. 

Before Preparing a Blueprint for Niche Sites

People who use black hat methods usually build only small niche sites. They never build siloed sites that you do not have to use black hat methods to make Niche since performed well. You can't erect low competition phrases, build a relevance site, and rank for easy to medium difficulty phrases without using any black hat methods in the next few articles. We will discuss how to prepare a blueprint for Niche sites. 

We have to do keyword research a bit differently for a niche site. After knowing this we will never build a site with guesswork while making a niche siloed site.

Build Niche Site with Keyword Research

Keyword research for niche sites - thumb rules

We have to do keyword research a bit differently for the Niche site. Niche sites are much smaller than

authority siloed sites. Since they have far fewer pages, the ranking power is also lesser than the

authority siloed site. So we have to make a few changes to the keyword selection process. 

Best Keyword research for Niche Site

The keywords we select permit sites have to be easier to rank and the search volume of the keywords has to be hired. Niche sites have only between 35 to 50 pages. We should not select keywords that are hard to rank. We want as many of these Pages as possible to rank. And we can't be selecting keywords with a search volume of less than 100 a month. We need each of the keywords to have a search volume of at least 100 a month. 

And unlike siloed sites, any keyword like in the mattress niche is fair game in a siloed site. We are constrained to select only keywords that are relevant to the silos. Choose for instance in the previous example, we were constrained to choose only keywords related to twin mattresses, foam mattresses, and air mattresses. We couldn't choose keywords which not associated with any of these topics. 

Keywords Needed for an Affiliate Niche Site

Now we don't have any such restrictions. We can choose any keyword as long as it is about any kind of mattress that gets searched for more than a hundred times a month and has a difficulty score less than or equal to 35. There's one other rule we would want to stick to. Since the majority of the revenue of the site is going to come from keywords that either begin with best or end in reviews. We want at least 25 to 30 keywords that either begin with burst or end in reviews. Has uglier. We will have 3 to 5 product reviews and 3 to 5 informational keywords.

As far as possible, we need to select keywords that have a difficulty score less than 35 and we want the majority of the keyword selected to have a difficulty score less than 30. And we want to select at least a few that have a difficulty score less than 20, so we will not be selecting any keyword that has a difficulty score of more than 35 and gets searched fewer than 100 times a month.


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